Discover the beautiful city of Dinard, Brittany, France

Built on the left bank of the River Rance facing Saint-Malo, “La Cité Corsaire” (The Corsair city), the city of Dinard overlooks a magnificent site qualified as the most beautiful marine site in Europe.

Dinard is bathed in this very unique emerald coloured sea.

Benefiting from an exceptional climate, it’s naturally that Dinard has been proclaimed as prime health resort by decree on March 4th, 1921. The local climate is an oceanic microclimate mitigated by the regulatory bodies of water formed by the sea and the Rance and amplified by the warm Gulf Stream.
The influence of the variations of the tides causes a positive ionization of the air and produces tonic and invigorating action.

The city of Dinard extends over 1,013 hectares (784 hectares of land and 229 maritime hectares). The city has built its reputation on a succession of peaks interspersed with small bays where you can find beautiful beaches.

With its 10,988 inhabitants, the population goes up to 50,000 during the summer and also sees a significant increase every weekend and school holidays.
There is a little more than a century ago, Dinard has been qualified with the most eulogistic adjectives and no superlative has been too great or too good for her. We praise its charms on posters, in newspapers, books, train stations and especially in worldly salons. Dinard has many names; Dinard has been called “The beaches’ Queen”, “The foreigners’ Monaco”, “The Pearl of the Emerald Coast”, “The northern Nice”, “The most aristocratic beach of France”, “Dinard the Pretty”, “Dinard the Beauty”, “Dinard the Italian”, “Dinard, City of Luxury”, “Dinard, the wedding’s city”…
The estuary of the Rance is introduced as “The Bosporus of the West”, Dinard is compared to Scutari.

For the last few years, the city of Dinard has taken up with its rewarding reputation: “Dinard the elegant” (Ouest France), “The classy Dinard” (Le Point), “Dinard, the star” (Figaro magazine) “Dinard, the emerald of the West” (Present Value), “Dinard, a so British resort” (La Tribune)…
In recent years Dinard also received prominent awards: 4 flowers (National Committee of flowering), The Golden Marianne, The caesar of Mayors, The favourite (Ministry of Tourism) and has been awarded The City of Art and History.

Dinard has recently been shown to be among the 10 most famous seaside resorts in Europe (national press).

Extract from “Dinard, son Histoire”, written by Marius MALLET

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